Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Our friend, Greg, has told us for months about this thing called "Contra Dancing" and said that he needed to get us to one. Last night we relinquished. I'm glad we did.

OK, I was decidedly tentative about it. I kept asking him how it was different than square dancing (Bluegrass and country music come last on my list of music types right behind opera and ganster rap). However, I've never square danced, either, so I really had no reference point.

Minutes after we got there, they gave a quick workshop for all of first timers (there were more than a few). A few minutes later the band was playing and we were dancing. What a blast!

It was challenging, fun, playful, and social. It makes you dizzy and makes you sweat like crazy. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to explain what it is, you have to see it.

Best of all, it brought my wife and I close together for the evening, laughing and collapsing on each other at the end of each dance so that we wouldn't fall over (from being tired and dizzy).

Fun, fun, fun!

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